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St Petersburg and Bay Area Dr. Kwitko proudly serves the Cosmetic Reconstructive & Oculoplastic Surgery needs of Residents in St. Petersburg, Largo, Pinellas County and throughout the Bay Area in West Central Florida.

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Because the eye area is so sensitive, reconstructive and cosmetic procedures require the skill of a highly experienced oculoplastic surgeon. Many of the effects of aging on the eyes may seem purely cosmetic at first, but in some cases they can begin to affect your vision, such as when eyelids droop enough to cover part of the pupil, resulting in a narrowed field of vision. Whether you are looking into oculoplastic surgery for cosmetic or reconstructive reasons, or suffer from thyroid eye disease and require surgical treatment to fix retracting eyelids or pressure on the optic nerve, a seasoned oculoplastic surgeon can help.

With over 30 years of experience, Dr. Geoffrey Kwitko, M.D., has satisfied countless clients throughout the St Petersburg, Florida area. Dr. Kwitko makes it part of his practice to stay current on the latest research, technology, and surgical techniques, providing gold-standard care with each procedure he performs. He regards patient comfort and positive outcomes with the utmost importance, and is ready to care for your eyes.

Cosmetic Eye Surgery

As we age, it is common for the muscles and other tissue around our eyes to begin to droop or swell. Puffy eyes, eye bags, sagging eyelids, and drooping eyebrows can not only give the eyes an undesirable appearance, but if left untreated, can begin to affect vision as well. If the upper eyelid or eyebrow sags enough, it can narrow a patient’s field of vision. Cosmetic eyelid surgery can dramatically reduce sagging eyelids, improving the look of the eye and preventing vision problems related to ptosis (sagging of the upper eyelid).

Eye bags are also a common complaint among many people. Blepharoplasty is a surgical procedure which involves removal of excess fat underneath the eyes and tightening of the muscles that control the eyelids to reduce eye bags and drooping of the eyelids, restoring normal function and giving patients a more youthful, rested look.

Reconstructive and Thyroid Eye Surgery

Dr. Kwitko has extensive experience performing reconstructive surgery on the eye area, including removal of eyelid cancers as well as treating entropion (a condition where the eyelids begin to turn inward) and ectropion (outward-turning and sagging of the eyelids.) Entropion and ectropion can cause significant discomfort for sufferers, including irritation and watering of the eyes and even loss of vision.

Thyroid eye disease, or Graves’ disease, is a condition which commonly affects people with a history of thyroid problems. The same auto-immune response which causes the body’s immune system to attack the thyroid gland can also affect the eye area, causing the the eyelids to retract, resulting in eye bulging, dryness, double vision, sensitivity to light, and difficulty closing the eyes completely, among other symptoms. If you have a history of thyroid problems and have difficulty closing your eyes completely, or feel other eye discomfort, it is important that you speak to a knowledgeable oculoplastic surgeon with experience treating thyroid eye disease.

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Serving patients throughout the St. Petersburg, FL area, Dr. Kwitko is ready to put his decades of experience to work in caring for your eyes. Whether you need cosmetic eye surgery, reconstructive eye surgery, or treatment for thyroid eye disease, Dr. Kwitko can help.

Call 813.877.8665 today to schedule a confidential consultation with Oculoplastic Surgeon, Dr. Geoffrey Kwitko about your Cosmetic Reconstructive & Oculoplastic Surgery needs in St. Petersburg, Largo, Pinellas County and throughout the Bay Area in West Central Florida.

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Always striving to stay on the forefront of the latest advances in eyelid surgery, Dr. Kwitko believes in continuing education, even after more than two decades of loyal service. He's a former Chief of Ophthalmology at St. Joseph's Hospital, a clinical assistant professor at the University of South Florida and a former Chief of Surgery at Memorial Hospital. He is also a fellow of the American College of Surgeons, International College of Surgeons, American Academy of Ophthalmology and the International Society of Orbital Disorders.

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